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Exploring World & Culture via Arts

Creations by Crouch JewelryDoug and Adele's quest to understand the world spans a wide range of artistic endeavors as they delve into language learning for children and adults with colorful and playful bilingual books that they produce together. Adele writes and illustrates with Doug's insightful advice and Doug manages the book layout, design and preparation for print or eBook production. They correspond with translators throughout the world placing a strong emphasis on endangered languages, especially those of Native Americans.
Fascinated by history, Adele and Doug have also produced two books of historical fiction, Catherine’s Travels and Lawson’s Search.

They explore the local Arizona geography by collecting, polishing and creating art and jewelry made of stones from all over the world. Adele specializes in finding the stones, both in their desert backyard as well as through local stone dealers, Doug slices, shapes and tumbles them for smoothness. Adele puts finishing touches on them and makes them glisten and then they both wrap them with a variety of wire wraps.

Catherine's Travels Lawson's SearchBoth fascinated by nature, they have lived 17 miles out a dirt road in the high mountain meadows of southeastern Arizona for more than a decade. During that time, they have always put out bird feeders and hummingbird feeders, which also attract rare bats. They have a water basin and the local critters know their area well. This presents them with amazing wildlife photography and videography opportunities from their living room and kitchen windows. They both like to take photographs, but Doug clearly has a talent for composition. He also does nearly all of the videography.

They have always enjoyed producing artworks from knickknacks to dream catchers and Adele still does her share of painting. So, this website is dedicated to their various artistic entertainments.